1. Remove your Solbello umbrella from it’s carry bag.
  2. Place bottom pole with auger(7) into sand, unfold handles(6) and screw clockwise until pole is secured approximately 12” into the sand. ***We’ve included a red line on the mast for reference. Note: Required depth may vary from beach to beach depending on sand consistency. Do NOT plant in anything except beach sand. 
  3. Unroll the fabric(4) from the upper pole. Note: We recommend holding the end of the fabric and gently dropping the unit in the sand to unroll.
  4. Standing with your back to the wind, unfold the upper portion and slide the center slider(2) up to it’s locked position, the sail should be flowing away from you. Note: the Gust knob(1) should be on the front of the umbrella, facing you.
  5. Place the top mast into the bottom mast and turn connection knob(5) to secure.
  1. Typically, there should be a steady breeze during the day at the beach.  Ensure the gust knob(1) is loose to allow the sail to rotate as the wind shifts.
  2. If there is little to no wind, or it’s shifting direction back and forth (most likely in the morning hours);  this is when you will want to tighten the Gust Knob and manually face the sail with the dominant wind direction.   ***Note: If the sail wraps itself around the mast, this probably could have been avoided by tightening the Gust Knob.
  1. The tilt feature is for certain times when the wind is not blowing in the Sun’s direction. ***Example: At sunrise or sunset, if the wind is blowing South to North.
  2. To straighten the mast, push the button and manually straighten the mast.
  1. Loosen and lift upper pole from bottom pole, slide center(2) down to fold arms.
  2. With the wind at your back, roll the sail(4) up onto upper portion and slide into bag.
  3. Remove lower pole from the ground and wipe off sand.
  4. Carefully slide the lower pole into the open division of the bag.


    If you have any issues with your Solbello® umbrella, please email or call us immediately so we can make things right; / 1-866-962-3224