Plant in the sand and slide the center up to unfold.

Finally, let the wind flow through the sail to keep it aloft.

Care • Specifications • Manual

Care Instructions

The fabric is designed and coated to dry quickly, and the aluminum and stainless steel parts are there to deter corrosion. Still, care should be made to prolong Solbello's life.

After use, we recommend brushing the sand off and occasionally rinsing with fresh water before drying and packing up, especially if it will be stored for any length of time.

The sail is designed to float in the breeze. With normal wear, some fraying may be seen. If Solbello is knocked around too much, this may cause small hole(s) to form which is also considered normal wear and shouldn't affect it's ability to provide shade. The fabric is woven with cross-threading to deter further ripping.

Dimensions & Weight

The canopy stretches 8' x 8' and stands 7'4" tall.

When planted in the sand to the recommended 14" depth, the frame will be 6' tall.

It's folded length is 47.5" and weighs 4.5 lbs.

Circa August 2022, Solbello had the Gust Knob and a Tilt Feature.

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2022 Manual REV8.1.2022