More Shade • Less Work

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Fast & Easy

Designed for users age 9 to 90 years old, it sets up & breaks down in under a minute, that's fast!


Made of aluminum, stainless steel, & high-quality parachute material, Solbello is built to last.

Shade for Everyone

Enough shade for 2- 4 people & rated at UPF50+, Solbello blocks 98% of harmful UV rays.

Low Maintenance

As the wind shifts direction throughout the day, the sail will self-adjust. Just sit back & relax.

Shade for Days

During the dangerous UV hours of 10am to 4pm, it's more likely to be too windy for a regular umbrella vs not having enough breeze for Solbello. 

With no messy sandbags to fill and no worries that a gust will carry your shade down the beach...'s time to relax, you're on beach time!

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The No-Wind-Kit is to be used when there is no wind, or if the wind is light and switching directions.

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