About US

Located in North Carolina and started by two avid beach goers from Wrightsville Beach looking to make going to the beach safer and more enjoyable.

Their mission: Design a dependable beach shade that sets up quickly and is safe, easy to transport, and WON'T BLOW DOWN THE BEACH. It should remain stable, last longer, and enhance the beach experience. Quality will never be compromised to save costs, with functionality being the top priority in every design.

Founded in 2019

Paul James


We've always loved the beach and spent countless hours swimming, surfing, fishing, and simply digging around.

Since having children, our relaxing beach days have evolved into applying sunblock, ensuring the tide doesn't wash away our belongings (or our kids), and preventing the wind from taking down our umbrella.

While sun protection is crucial, we often found ourselves unable to set up our umbrella due to the wind, and we firmly believe that beach time shouldn't be wasted on setting up a shade canopy. We knew there had to be a solution.

Danny Gillis


With a dynamic career starting and growing companies. Danny brings decades of brand experience to Solbello. Prior to Solbello, Danny was the CEO of Captain Fin Co for over a decade which he sold to Liberated Brands in 2022.