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Solbello Takes On Florida Afternoon Storm

Bought a Solbello for a recent trip to Anna Maria Island. Last day of trip a storm came up quickly and we had to exit beach, Solbello had to ride out. Solbello was last one standing. Amazing. Get one of these. It’s indestructible. Great product.

Matthew Pauley
Lightweight - Quick and Easy Setup

We've had the opportunity to use our Solbello Sun Shade a couple times now and love how easy it is to setup. A big deciding factor for us when comparing this to say, a Shubumi, was the "no wind" fubctionality/ capabilities. My only qualm was in strong wind environments the aluminum doesn't seem to be of the grade strength we felt we were paying for given the high price tag.

We're glad to hear you love the easy setup! Please know that all parts are plenty strong, tested in high winds, and we haven't had a single Aluminum (or other) part break or malfunction on the newer model you have. Adding strength would only make the product heavier :), still we'll consider this and always strive for the best quality feel.
Thank you for the review!

Burt Larit

Best beach umbrella ever

Best thing ever!

Bought this for southern Baja beach adventures and it’s seriously the best thing ever. While people are on their knees digging sand in the anchors for their beach tents we had our Solbello up in seconds.

Gary Kikshaw

I have not had a chance to use it. We are in Florida, But right now it is raining so hard we can’t go to the beach and try it out

dean Smith

It’s so easy to use!! Once you have it set up just let it go. No rearranging it move with the wind!! I’ll never use an umbrella again!

Conversation starter people see it and react!

Boughtv this last year and absolutely love it. I've never had a product that I get more questions about when I use it. I live in a southern NC beach town. This year there are more Solbellos than last year. People see them, ask about them and buy them. Last fall, I had to use the no wind kit once and occasionally in light and variable it may droop and get wrapped, but that's the exception. Well made and so far has stood up to frequent use. Highly recommend.

Karen Dembia

I was looking for a shade structure that was super easy to put up, lightweight, durable and didn’t involve shoveling sand into anything. This meets all the criteria and then adds an unexpected wow factor. People always stop to talk to me about it. I give a lot of free advertising!

jonathan gudenzi


John Fowler
Completely Satisfied

We were vacationing on Marco Island, when we noticed some folks using a Solbello umbrella. It was having no issues dealing with a fairly strong breeze that day. Other folks were bracing their standard umbrellas. While the Solbello was working prefectly. Spoke with the owners, got the name and immediately ordered one. Arrived in 2 days. Fast shipping! Set up the next day & the umbrella worked flawlessly. We had several people inquire about our Solbello, and recommended it to them. Quick and easy set-up . Does what it's supposed to do. Can't wait for things to warm up and try it out on the Eastern Lake Huron Shores!

Matthew Fish

Wonderful product! Delivers as advertised, noise is minimal, stability is great!

Robert Keyser
No Grommets

After watching video on your website I went out and purchased this and really liked how quickly it sets up on the beach but I noticed there are no grommets to secure it to the ground when there is no wind which means I will not be able to use it anywhere but the beach when I was hoping to use it for camping

We're glad you like the shade and thanks for the review! I'm not sure when or where you purchased, but sounds like you have our older model that isn't compatible with the No-Wind-Kit.. our current model includes the No-Wind-Kit.
Hopefully you'll frequent the beach to get lots of use :).

Vickie Broome
Great product

Easy setup, great cover

Rebecca Pensky
Easy Peasy

So easy to put up. The canopy changes with the wind direction no chance of wind, taking it down the beach like a regular umbrella! So safe.

Dan W
Wonderful beach shade

Best beach umbrella We ever used, but Horry County, SC Banned its use because it was NOT round w pole in center per county ordinance

Glad to hear you like the shade! It is unfortunate that Horry County hasn't yet realized the safety concerns Solbello solves. Until they do, we hope everyone stays safe from flying beach umbrellas and impeded lifeguard views.
Thanks again for writing, cheers!

Great Shade. Even Better Customer Service.

Preface: Received my order and noticed the draw string toggle on the shade bag was busted. Contacted customer support, and Paul sent a new shade bag in 2 days.

Fast forward to the beach: Unboxed the shade and seen a small but noticeable hole in the fabric (likely caused from the same shipping damage as the draw string). Contacted customer support, and Paul sent a new shade and fabric patches (and allowed me to keep the old shade).

On the beach: Setup was a breeze and took no more than 3 minutes. There was plenty of shade to cover 3 people comfortably.

Definitely would recommend and buy again!

linda gregg
Solbello shade

Really like the ease of putting up!

Kathy Davis
Perfect for me.

Currently using my purchase and I love it. I’m in my 60’s and have a walk to the beach. It’s so light on my shoulders. It’s so easy to put up and I can complete set up in 2 to 3 mins. Take down is equally doable. I recommend the Sobello.

I love it

My solbello works phenomenally and looks amazing i love how light it is and easy to assemble it with stood winds that on the beach all other umbrella had to be closed or it got destroyed and my solbello just stood there making me look badass BUT.. I live in 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico and every one every time I use it stop and ask about it I wish u included cards with your info or QR code so I wouldn't have to talk for 5min every 10min 😅 don't mind it much because I love it but u should include a tag with a QR CODE
Thank u for this awsome product and u can count on me to promote Solbello in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

christine piatkowski
Best beach umbrella

LOVE the solbello.
It is so easy to set up and take down. Absolutely no more worrying about your umbrella blowing away. Now I worry about getting hit by someone else’s. It’s also extremely lightweight. When we go to the beach with friends, we are set up in a fraction of the time it takes for them to set up their tent.

Love it

We saw someone else on the beach with the sol bello umbrella and ordered it once we got home! Now that we have it, it’s super easy and a way better option than a traditional umbrella.

Rob R
First Impressions

Wow! I opened it as soon as it arrived. Very impressive. I like the design and the material. Can’t wait to try it out. I can see this getting a lot of use.

Michael Neff
love it

works great in the rocket launcher too!

Larry Ingle
Great Beach Product !

Great product ! Shade for 2-4 people light weight easy to carry ,and quick and easy setup as well as take down ! A must have for your beach days where ever your beach may be !

Lisa Beal
Where have you been all my life

I absolutely adore this product. I Often go to the beach solo so it’s important that my stuff be light weight and compact. This defiantly is and takes all of 2 minutes to set up. But best of all, it works in even the lightest of wind. As a sailor, I appreciate the physics of this behind this. The swivel base is a game changer. It’s light but strong. The only improvement might be some padding on the handles. They work fine, but Ive pinched my hands more than once. Perhaps add some rubber sleeves??