The ultimate beach shade that will never blow down the beach!

Introducing Solbello® - the innovative solution to the age-old issue of traditional beach umbrellas and shades causing chaos as they tumble down the beach, break, and ultimately become waste or even pose a safety risk.

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At Solbello®, we've revolutionized beach comfort by harnessing the power of the wind itself. Our wind-driven® shade is not just another beach accessory; it's a game-changer. Say goodbye to frustration and safety concerns, and hello to a relaxing, worry-free beach experience with Solbello®.



No-wind kit Included (CANOPY MODE)

Enjoy the convenience of our optional No-Wind Kit™, included for those rare, calm no wind beach days. Giving you peace of mind for every Solbello® beach outing.

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single person set-up

Single person set up for people of all ages. Say goodbye to time-consuming setups and breakdowns! In as little as 30 seconds you can be enjoying the beach. No messy sandbag filling, hole digging, or tedious pole assembly required.

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Seriously a breeze to use!!!

I’ve had mine for a few years and have enjoyed it so much. It’s so easy to set up and take down. People always ask us about it when they see how fast it is to set up!

Their customer service is also exceptional!

- Amy Mills

Spectacular shade!

I am so impressed with this shade! So lightweight, so easy to set up.and take down by myself.. The first time I used it was very windy, (a double red flag beach day) on the Gulf Coast and it was not a problem. It stayed up properly, and stayed .anchored. Today is a yellow flag day with mild wind and it is perfect, no flapping noise like my others kind does. I just love this, it’s money well spent.💕😎

- Syd Bridges

Highly recommend--so easy for one person to carry and set up

We purchased our solbello last week and absolutely love it. We had been thinking about buying their competitor's product (you know the two-tone blue one), but decided against it for one simple reason. We wanted an umbrella that was easy for one person to carry, set-up and take down. Solbello delivers on that. It's very light and can be set-up in ~2 minutes. It provides excellent shade and the design allows it to shift with the wind and you don't need to do anything! Highly recommend this product.