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Made of aluminum, stainless steel, and high quality parachute material, Solbello offers a huge spread of 50+ UV protection, fast setup, low maintenance, and feasibly the best shade canopy on the planet. 

Its patent-pending design allows Solbello to self-adjust as the wind shifts, all while holding up in an array of wind conditions better than anything else out there. 

The canopy stretches 8' x 8' and stands 7.5' tall. It's folded length is 47" and weighs 4.5 pounds. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Service

Awesome company, awesome product, great people. I reached out to Solbello via their website after I damaged my brother in laws Solbello shade canopy. I over-torqued the base and broke the end. It was just outside of warranty and I was asking if I could just purchase the base. Paul, did one better. He answered my request in under 15 minutes, sent a replacement base……at no cost to me. All within 3 days. I was humbled at the support and was appreciative of a company standing 100% behind their product. My brother in law has already handed out a card from Solbello to an interested beach goer. We are all customers for life. Thank you so much.

John Shelton
Clever, Functional and Great Customer Support

We bought our SolBello in 2021 and upon the first use had numerous people stop by to check it out on the beach. Here in Sunset Beach, NC there are restrictions for cabana uses or other multi-pole shade structures on the beach. Since the SolBello is a single pole, it’s treated like an umbrella and can be used anywhere regular umbrellas are allowed. We used to carry two umbrellas to the beach for shade, now all we need is this single SolBello, although I have witnessed people use multiple to provide shade for larger groups. Some people don’t like the sound of the shade flapping In the wind, but we find it as relaxing as the sound of the ocean waves.

Unfortunately the plastic anchor snapped off ours when screwing into hard sand, but the SolBello team stood behind their product warranty and immediately shipped a new and improved anchor pole.

It really is a nice product.

April P
LOVE our Solbello!!!

We love our Solbello shade. It is perfect for the beaches here in Hawai’i. It has only drawn positive attention for us, with people asking us where they can get it!

It’s perfect for the softer sand beaches, but for those that are harder and more compacted it is harder to get the bottom twisted in deep enough. It’s doable but much harder to do. I live in Kailua and it works great here. I have had tons of people on this side asking me where I got it from. I told them it’s free shipping but sometimes people just want to buy them from local shops. I have used the shade on many beaches and only found it difficult on one that had more compacted sand. We were still able to use it but it took a lot of muscle to get it into the sand deep enough to be stable with the tradewinds.

It is by far the easiest and quickest shade to put up and take down and we may even order another one!

Christina Eppard
Really like it so far!

I recently received my order and used it today for the first time. It was in very light to moderate wind. Because you can allow the sail to swivel with the wind rather than fight against it, I believe it will hold up well in higher winds too. Unlike an umbrella, it works with the wind so there is no risk of it blowing away. I’ve only used it once so I can’t really speak to quality/longevity, but it does seem to be well made. The fabric is very light, soft and flowy but still provides great shade.

Solbello is for sure the easiest to put up shade I’ve ever used and it did a great job overall! Small drawbacks would be that I had to move my chair some to stay in the shade because the wind kept changing directions. I know, I know, life on the beach is rough lol. If I had tightened the sail down instead of allowing it to swivel freely on the pole that may have helped. It only took a very light breeze to keep the sail up which was nice. When the breeze completely stopped of course the sail started to drop but it was no big deal and this only happened occasionally.

For comparison, I also have the very popular shade of a different brand, the one that forms an arch and is two shades of blue. I am happy with both shades but will definitely use Solbello the most due to its ease of set up and take down—seriously it couldn’t be any quicker or easier. I really like that there is no messy sand bag to have to fill. Solbello makes less noise in the wind than the arch one which is a big plus. Solbello does not provide as big of a shady area as the arch shade but it’s still plenty of room for two. When you are under it, the sail ripples very pleasantly in the wind, whereas the arch one tends to snap kind of violently. They both require some breeze to work but I’d say Solbello probably requires less.

Solbello is so simple and cool an idea and I’m so glad I purchased it!

James Bushong

Have not had a chance to use it yet but I did see one in action earlier this summer and I was encouraged to buy it.