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We saw one on the beach and had to have it. Lightweight, easy setup and take down. Wind was appx 3-15mph - most umbrellas went flying or had to be taken down - we were perfect all day!

Mary Davis
Susie’s Solbello

Sorry to say I bought this in advance of need so it will be a while before I can use it. If I can get it into sand it’s bound to be perfect.

Sue McClam
Beautiful beach umbrella

This beach umbrella is unique and beautiful. It’s light and the color combines perfectly with the ocean here in Mexico. However, without consistent wind she was unable to protect us from the sun very well. We’ll keep trying and see if the wind picks up enough to keep a steady shade. Thanks for the lovely design.

Susan James
Shade for Days

Saw the Solbello in action on the beach and decided I had to have one. It's compact, light weight, well made, easy to set up, plus it comes with an embroidered carrying bag. No more flying umbrellas! Great idea! Love the logo, too!

David Gill
Best in class

Wow great product....only wish i could sell them. Works prefect a true innovation. Not hard to set up like the shibumi.

Save your money

Packed up to spend the day at the beach and even with a breeze this thing was so annoying. If it caught a breeze we had to move a sand chairs and of the breeze shifts you have to .ove and half the time it was limp. Gave up and went home

I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Usually there’s a constant breeze during the day, but it does need that breeze to work.
Hopefully you’ll give it another try sometime so we can prove ourselves, and you’ll feel good about the purchase :).

Betty Hatchell
Beach treasure

I love my new Solbello what a cool invention. It's so easy to setup and works great.

Moya Jarboe
We finally used the Solbello!

So, we finally used the Solbello! It is really amazing. So simple in every way. Easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to take down and pack, easy to store! It works! It's not noisy, just very pleasant flapping. Very effective in providing a wide area of shade, but it is not suffocating like the tents are. We love it! Thanks!

Chip Abernethy
Best Ever

We spend months on the beach every year and have tried just about every beach gizmo created, including umbrellas, cabanas etc. We have never had a product quite like the Solbello. It sets up literally in less than a minute or so, is extremely lightweight and provides 100% access to all of the shade, unlike umbrellas or cabanas. For those beaches with over-infringing rules, the Solbello offers a ready option. After setting it up for the 1st time, my wife said "get rid of the umbrellas, we don't need them any more!". Being lighter and folding up tighter than an umbrella, it satifies a lot of beach-packing concerns. You can't miss with one of these. After seeing how ours operated on the beach, 3 additional people went and purchased a Solbello.

Love this. So easy to put up and take down
Would recommend to all.

Susan Riley
Love this Solbello!

My skin can no longer take the sun and at times the wind here has prevented us from putting up an umbrella. I can put the Solbello up and down by myself and the footprint is just the right size. I’m so happy to have found your product.👍🏼

Fran Best
LOVE my wonderful Solbello!!

The Solbello is super lightweight and sets up so easy by myself! I have recommended your terrific product to everyone I know and many on the beach that I did not! Thank you for such a great product!

Terri Motley
Terri n Doug

Nice and simple.

Allison Tymko
Best shade at the beach!

I’m so happy with our purchase and just I had another week at the beach this summer to use it. I had read reviews before purchasing and many shared it was quieter than a competitor (TRUE) and much more affordable. My favorite thing was it did not obstruct my view of the beach and more importantly of my kids running around and swimming.

Thomas Serra
Congratulazioni! Fantastico prodotto!

Very satisfied with your product! We are set up directly next to a family using the Shibumi, and their coverage is about double. That being said, for my wife and me, the Solbello is perfect! I haven’t noticed anyone asking where your product is manufactured/assembled; just curious.

Thank you for the review and good to hear Solbello is providing the right amount of shade!

We are designing and engineering Solbello here in the USA, the bulk of manufacturing is in China.

I hope that helps and thanks again!

Karin Griffin
Incredible tool for sun sensitive!

We had noticed the shibumi all over the beach but balked at the expense and that it seems to require two people to set it up and a sandbag to fill. Looking for a better option than annual umbrella purchases that were ruined by winds after mere hours or simply avoiding the beach between 11-4, I checked with a retail store who recommended Solbello. It was more affordable and setup was so easy for one person— we were amazed! Additionally the shade it provides is just perfect for a family of 3! Only one simple umbrella pole, very lightweight and the free rotation element to adjust with the wind is brilliant. It requires me to move my chair slightly throughput a day at the beach, but for someone extremely sensitive to the sun it is freedom! One early morning the ocean was still with almost 0 wind and the sail did not stay aloft, but there was low sun then and no trouble at all. Within a short time the wind picked up and all was well. The flapping in higher wind is no more unpleasant than a tumbling wave, not disturbing in the least. Having the ability to tighten the nut if winds get too high is also a bonus. The entire Solbello design is simply genius and we are delighted!! We paid about $160 and may purchase a second for family as it is well worth the investment even with a modest budget. It is impossible to put a price on avoiding sun poisoning and being able to enjoy more precious hours of vacation on the sand. The Solbello is perfect for the average family of 2-3 with pet and cooler. Even bigger groups if some of you are rotating in and out of water or sunbathing while others spend day carefully shaded. We observed the Shibumi did not seem to offer much more coverage and had drawbacks of price and more complicated setup for our needs. The sturdy pole doesn’t bend in the least on a typical beach day and I no longer have concerns of an umbrella flipping over into my eye or flying down the beach or needing constant adjustment as wind shifts. We are so so pleased! It was a splurge for us but it’s what we needed all our lives and never knew it! Thank you!

Reading that just made our day :).
We're so glad you took a chance, and cheers to years of shade to come!

Chris Harrison
Great Product

Exactly what I expected. Easy to put up and different from anything else on the beach.

GREAT product!

Easy to put up, take down and transport! Love it!

Gina McLaughlin
Solbello on Ocracoke

I used my 2 Solbello's on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina and they were AWESOME!! Many people stopped to ask about them. They were very easy to put up by myself, even in strong winds, and were perfect for our beach vacation!!

It worked!

We have been searching for the perfect sunshade that can withstand the winds of the Outer Banks and have tried everything and nothing worked… until now! We just returned from vacation and used our Solbello for 9 days in Nags Head. Winds ranged from 3mph to 20mph and the Solbello worked beautifully! It’s also SO easy to put up. I’m so happy with this purchase. Thank you!

Does what it says, But!

It does what it says about providing shade, but the clamps that hold the two post together looks and feels very cheap. The plastic components that make this Solbella are not very heavy duty. My wife was even scared to put much effort into opening and closing the clamps. We shall see what happens in the future and I hope the plastic components prove us wrong.

Its good to hear our Solbello has been getting you shade, and thank you for the feedback.

Because the wind won’t lift your Solbello up, that center lock only provides a very slight grip of stability. Functionally, the lock doesn’t need to be heavier than it is, and for future models we may delete the lock all-together. Please let your wife know not to worry :) and if anything does break, we will be here to make it right.

In addition, Solbellos shipping as of last week have an improved and strengthened bottom structure. We stand behind our product 100%, and are here to provide a quality and functioning product to last!

The Absolute Bomb

Best shade ever!!! Super easy to put it!!!

Timothy Jordan
Very impressed

I have used it several times and it works great. Easy for one person to set up and take down. Was very windy the first time I used it and it held up well.

Terri Garrison
Thumbs Up

Have started vacation with Solbello past 2 days have been great. I was able to stay out on beach all day. Easy to put up and take down.
If you need a salesperson in NC I AM AVAILABLE

Made in the Shade

I absolutely love this sun shade. I live in San Diego and it has replaced my umbrella for good. There’s always enough wind at the beach to keep it up. It provides twice as much shade as a sun umbrella and is perfect for relaxing in the shade with a few of your friends. I get compliments every time we use it. Such a great idea and design!! We love it!