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Mike Reeves
One and a half thumbs up

Only problem is during inconsistent wind speed and direction. The sail tends to “collapse” when corners are anchored down and wind shifts.

Shade for days!

This is the easiest setup and take down umbrella we’ve ever owned. It provides enough shade for 4 people. Within days if owning it, 4 of our neighbors purchased them. And it’s just fun to watch it self adjust to the wind direction. Very clever!

Nancy Bias
Cannot use 😞

I nearly always vacay in Horry County, SC. They aren’t allowed here. Beach police made me take it down 5 minutes after I set it up. I had read that they were allowed after Labor Day but that’s not true. I loved it during those 5 minutes though 🤷‍♀️

I’m sorry to hear they made you take it down, that's not cool.
The Horry County beach ordinance website(link below) mentions year-round, however Myrtle Beach’s site (which is most of Horry County) says that rule is just from Memorial through Labor Day… this rule is not only confusing, but dangerous!! We feel they should be banning traditional umbrellas instead of safe ones such as Solbello :(.
Horry County link -
Myrtle Beach link -

Michael Scott
Best Beach Shade

Solbello could not be easier to set up and provides much more shade than our 7' umbrella. We bought it a week ago and in that time period 4 of our neighbors have purchased one. Be prepared to meet a lot of people asking you what it is and where to get it.

Mike Scott

Second purchase!!!

We love our Solbello so much that we had to have another! Now we have plenty of coverage when we bring our guests to the beach. Noticed some improvements with our second shade and for the better. You don’t have to worry about this blowing into anyone when it’s a windy beach day. Very stable in the sand. Again lightweight and easy to set up. Also a huge thumbs up to the customer service department. Had a question about the difference in the 2 Solbellos we ordered and Paul was on it!! Do not hesitate. Delivery is exceptionally fast also. This is a great product and company to deal with.

Molly Chunn

Love it and it is as easy to put up as in the video. Two complaints: 1) it could stand to be a little bigger and 2) I don’t like that it changes direction with the wind.

OBX Screen
Get rid of that pesky umbrella

We used the Solbello for the first time last weekend. LOVED it. Light to carry. Easy to put up and take down and it created a nice shaded space for a couple or small family. Great replacement for a beach umbrella (actually it folds open somewhat like an umbrella). The 'kite' form of the shade means it was MUCH more wind-resistant than an umbrella, and it moved with small changes in wind direction. If there's no wind it even has a set of ropes and pegs.
I know other people on the beach were impressed - someone even walked up and asked me about it.

Christopher C.

We love our Solbello shade!! Lightweight, durable, easy to set up and tear down. Get plenty of compliments and inquiries on the beach for it too. It's also easy enough for my wife to set up by herself. Doesn't take much of a breeze to get this thing going either. And when the wind is blowing hard... super quiet! Not loud and distracting like some of the others.

Darrly Lomax
Very good but could be even better

We really like how light and easy to use this is but a couple of suggestions from us - users of shades and chairs
from Kelty. We forgot our shade from them so bought this on a recent vacation.

I think their shade / tent hybrid we bought that works really well cost us $200. For $180 I think that you guys could have an adjustable / padded / wider carrying strap and also (on first impression) stronger arms and foldable handles for the auger. Straight out the case our shade already had one of those small holes referred to in the care instructions so I guess this is a common ‘feature’ of the shade itself.

Time will tell on the resilience of the shade though with it being so light it will probably age well. Lots of good here but you are really charging a premium price (see above) so those little touches make a difference - at least to us.

Thank you for the review!

On those points mentioned, please rest assured that:

1. We kept the strap simple, and it’s small to accompany the weight (4.5lbs) of the shade. We’re always evolving and will keep this in mind for future revisions.
2. Those arms and handle are plenty strong for their purpose, we’ve sold thousands and not a single one has broken.
3. The hole in the sail isn’t common and per email, we'll ship you a replacement sail.

Thanks again for the input and I hope your Solbello gets you years of shade to come!

Better Than a Shibumi!

I'm going to mention your competitor because it's the basis for my review.

My wife bought a Shibumi for our July beach trip this year and after using it for a week I felt we could do better (I could feel the heat under it and it was too noisy), so I bought a Solbello and we compared them over the Labor Day holiday outing at the beach. The Solbello won, and here's why: More visibility, easier setup, less noise, better SPF rating.

Even with just barely a breeze, the Solbello worked great and we didn't need to break out the no wind kit. The higher SPF is apparent because I didn't feel the heat coming through like I did with the Shibumi - that's a huge plus for me. On the days when the wind picked up, my wife and I could sit under it and comfortably carry on a conversation (read: low noise), another win. And it's the perfect size for a couple and their stuff - we had two chairs, a large beach bag and a cooler and we still had room.

There's another big reason to choose the Solbello - the visibility. With the Shibumi and it's inverted U-shaped design, one has to set it up into the wind. But what if the wind is parallel to the shoreline? You end up looking at a Shibumi flappy wall instead of the shoreline. With the Solbello and its single pole, one can have a 360-degree view regardless of wind direction. That's lovely.

The Shibumi is a fine product, to be sure, but the Solbello is better and our testing proved it.

Solbello = Excellence

We love our Solbello! Provides THE best shade and it's so easy to use. Company has best practices when it comes to customer service.

Kelvin Gallo
Awesome sun shade

Used it for the first time out on fort fisher beach. Set up is supper easy and it provided a lot of shade. Love how the shade swivels with the wind direction. We had gusty up to 18 mph that day and the pole never move. Great sunshade for the beach. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Perfect Shade For Two

Love this shade!! Great customer service to.. my auger broke due to a defect, I contacted the company and they responded within 5 minutes! The company sent me a new pole and I was not without my shade at all. Every time I use it people ask me about it, I would recommend this to all who need shade for 1 or 2 people.

Georgine Bishko


Perfect! Easy to carry & put up!

We absolutely LOVE our Sorbella shade!! People stop by on the beach to see the name and where to get it. It is perfect for 2 people!!
Barbara Musser

Easy to use & lightweight

This product is easy to use and lightweight setting it up on the beach is a breeze. We ran into some difficulties when we were trying to twist it out of the sand however the support team was quick to make it right. Would definitely recommend buying one of these!

Doug L./St. Augustine Beach, FL
Best Beach Shade Yet

I have several beach umbrellas/tents, etc. I received my Solbello recently and it is by far the best design I own. It is now the go to for just me and my wife to enjoy on the beach. It is so easy and quick to take up and down and it works great!

Kevin Lynch
The best!

Couldn’t love it more, provides so much shade. So easy to put up and take down.

Ashley Daniels
Bad stake

UPDATE! The best customer service I've ever experienced. Apparently there was a bad batch of stakes at one point and I've already got a new one in the mail headed to me. Thank you so much for the speedy responses and resolution, this is how you keep customers!!!

I loved the solbello because I can set it up quickly with no issues, unlike shibumis which take more than one person. I've used it 4 times now at Emerald Isle and the piece or screw that goes into the sand is bent inside the tube. I had hoped for such a high price tag for the screw to be higher quality or more sturdy.

Thank you for the review and again sorry you had to experience that older model sub-par quality stake, the new one on the way is much stronger :). Enjoy!


Easy and works flawlessly. Love the shade it provides


I used the shade for the first time yesterday. Upon setting it up in a very light wind it seemed perfect. I was psyched. As time went on, still very light winds, it started moving around therefore the shade was moving and I had to start moving with the shade. It seemed if I was able to lock it to the pole it would have been fine since the winds were very light. After it started dipping I figured I’d try staking it down. That worked but I don’t like the sharp angle and the shade area decreased. I’m just hoping in the right winds or variable at that, I don’t have to chase the shade with the thing moving. I thought I saw earlier videos where you could lock the shade with a tightening wheel?
Not sold yet and I passed on a competing shade product for this, but I’ll try it again…….

I hope you're able to use the shade more soon during standard-wind-blown days so you can experience the value of your purchase :)

Yesterday's light-wind-day described should only happen about 5% of the time. Normally you won't need to stake the shade down, and our prior version with the tightening knob may have left you with no shade at all (similar to some other wind-driven shade options)..

Thank you for the review!

Davey Jones Ice Cream Locker
Love it

It’s so easy to use and I had the coolest umbrella on the beach.

A. Breezy
Nearly perfect

I purchased this to comply with a county ordinance that only allows single anchor sun shelters on the shoreline. This is, overall, much more portable and convenient than an umbrella. It is extremely easy to put up/take down (alone). Given proper wind it offers adequate shade for 2-3 people comfortably. The only real con I have encountered is not being able to easily predict where the shade will be…it is, at times, in a much different spot than the pole. The slight variations in wind direction haven’t seemed to make a significant enough difference to be an inconvenience. Overall, this is one of the best shelters on the market that I have seen factoring in ease of use and price. I haven’t needed the no-wind kit but tested it out and am pleased with the design.

Love it!

Easy set up. No more worries about airborne umbrellas.

Squall Hits on MAUI Beach - A True Test of the SolBello SunShade!!!


Quick Back story. I live on MAUI one of the windiest places on earth, and I saw a Solbello in Florida on a visit. Soooo, I bought one and I did a video review. The day I shot the video review was an extreme windy day 30+mph winds (so NOT being totally fair review of product). I left it at that and didn't get a chance to try it in "normal" 10-20mph conditions... Weeks later I did get it out in "normal" conditions and THEN a SQUALL... Read my day/story below:

I finally had a chance to get to use your Sunshade in normal 10-20mph winds and there's no noise.!!!

When I tested it I was in extreme conditions and there was some noise but compared to the wind noise blasting by ones ears in those extreme conditions it's minor....

I wish I had a camera available this weekend when I used it.

We put it up in no wind and used the stakes that work out very well. Then it got a little windy so we removed the stakes.

THEN a freakish wind squall blasted thru(30-40mph!), and the wind direction changed, 3 other Tommy Bahamas launched down the beach.

My son and I were in the water and I said well let's see what happens! Still nervous that the Solbello would javelin down the beach, I'm a Tommy Bahamas Umbrella person so I'm always nervous about the wind...

Everyone was scrambling to put down their Tommy Bahamas (the only brand used on Maui Costco has them for $49) even our friend was struggling to get theirs down.

As we watched it was very cinematic, seriously, in the background a Tommy Bahamas ripped out of the ground and went tumbling, our Solbello had turned with the wind direction and was providing shade for our friend who was struggling to get her Tommy Bahama collapsed. And she was standing upright underneath the Solbello while fumbling with her umbrella! Being able to stand upright underneath the Solbello is great. Most beach brellas one has to hunch over like Quasimodo.

One couldn't have scripted a better scene....

At that point no one had brellas up but the Solbello was still up.

Anywho, I bummed I can't change my review or add to the current YouTube Video. I did add "UPDATE to the Description and Comments."

I'd give it 5 STARS! Not 4 1/2 due to wind noise. There isn't noise on normal windy days and on extreme days the noise is not bad. The noise of the wind blasting over your ears is louder!

I only wish I had a camera to video what happened....

Thank you for painting such a great picture of exactly why we devised the Solbello. I hope no-one was injured by those flying umbrellas! And thank you again for the review(s)!!

Anyone reading this should check out the full YouTube video review here -