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Made of marine-grade stainless steel, aluminum, and high quality parachute material, Solbello offers a huge spread of 50+ UV protection, fast setup, low maintenance, and feasibly the best shade canopy on the planet. 

Its patent-pending design allows Solbello to self-adjust as the wind shifts, all while holding up in an array of wind conditions better than anything else out there. 

The canopy stretches 8' x 8' and stands 7.5' tall. It's folded length is 47" and weighs 4.5 pounds. 

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie Sanders
Great product

Love my Solbello! Have also enjoyed the great customer care! No problems incurred with my order but the customer service is top notch!

Soo HAPPY to have one!

Our Solbello has quickly transformed our beach days in so many good ways. It’s super easy to setup (and stays up)meanwhile our beach neighbors have to take their umbrellas down, or deal with fixing their tents every time the wind picks up or shifts. AND when it’s not windy it’s still working great, just a normal day breeze is all it takes! Amazing!

Ron Bosco
This thing is great

We bought our Solbello based on a new product ad that we saw in a magazine. That was in September of 2020. My first thought on seeing that ad was "why didn't I think of that". Quick and easy to set up, just as easy to pack up. It's easy to carry in the convenient carrying case and so compact you can leave it in the trunk of the car where it will always be available. It performs just like it says it should and we have used it on some very windy days without any issues. Every time we go to the shore here in NC we get asked where we got it and we have been promoting the heck out of it. Lots of compliments on how simple and easy it looks to use compared to other shades and umbrellas. Thanks for a great product.

Lauren Goldfarb
Outstanding Product!

I am impressed with the performance of the shade and with the dedication to quality from the company. I can't imagine an easier or more effective shade. I have often been worried when using an umbrella on the beach - fearful that it might blow away and hurt someone. The Solbello can handle strong wind with no stress, and if the the wind shifts, a simple twist of the pole works like a charm. Great product.

Thank you for the awesome review, much appreciated!

With that last sentence about 'twisting the pole as the wind shifts... the sail should instead rotate automatically. I'm wondering if you're familiar with the 'Gust Knob' at the top of the pole (which can be easily missed)? This should usually be left in a loose position to allow the sail to rotate on its own (***our FAQ section has more details on that knob).

Thank you again!

Erica Levy
Best shade out there!

Got my second solbelllo recently and LOVE it! Up until this shade I never brought an umbrella because of the hassle and weight plus but this is so leightweight my 5 year old likes to carry it! And SO easy to set up. Plus a typical beach umbrella doesn’t compare to the shade. If you ever go to the beach and want easy and great shade, then get this product!!