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Solbello Sun Shade sets up faster and works better than any other shade on the market today. Its patent-pending design allows Solbello to self-adjust as the wind shifts, all while holding up in an array of wind conditions. No more adjusting your umbrella or shade multiple times a day.  Did we mention it's the most affordable?  We know that once you try it you will love it! 

  • Simple Fast Set-Up
  • Patent-Pending Self Adjusting Design that Shifts with the Wind
  • Large UV50+ Protection (8 ft x 8 ft of Shade Coverage)
  • Lightweight (4.5 pounds), Easy Carry Design (47.5" Carry Case Length)
  • Built to Last Using High Grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Frame Height is 7'4" inches tall allowing you to stand under it
1. What's included

In the box:

1. Solbello umbrella

2. Carry Bag

3. No-Wind-Kit

2. What to Expect

1. Expect your Solbello to provide you years of shade in varying wind conditions.

2. Expect us to stand behind our product 100%.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 151 reviews
    Carolyn Burnes
    Used it today

    Used it today at the beach and was very happy with it. I didn’t find the plastic to be fragile at all like others are mentioning. Went in the sand easy and I didn’t even realize it moves with the wind which is awesome! You never have the canopy flopping over. It adjusts itself. Amazing. Recommend for sure.

    Deana Dyer

    Absolutely love it! We used it for the first time this weekend. I was able to tote and set it up all by myself. It is light weight and it stay up in the wind. Couldn't ask for anything more!

    Jed Bohler

    Easiest and best tent/umbrella that you could possibly have. Takes seconds to set up and you’re covered. My family is amped!

    Great when the breeze direction is consistent

    When the breeze is consistent, this is the best solution, hands down. On our recent beach vacation, we had 3 days at the beach. Day one: consistent breeze - A+, easy to set up, quiet, easy take down. Day two: breeze was swirling around, swinging the canopy up, down, dropping, flopping and flapping so we put the stakes and lines on but that didn’t work as the breeze then pulled the canopy so hard that the canopy kept hitting some people’s heads and then one stake eventually went flying down the beach. Day three: breeze was not as strong as day two but kept moving around so that it we had to keep moving our chairs every few minutes. Bottom line: its a good beach tool for a certain kind of day, not a consistent winner/must have.

    Love it.. not sure about it in"light and variable" wind

    Great with any sustained wind. Today on Sunset Beach NC the wind would pick up then die completely then shift and pickup again. So at times the Solbello dropped to the ground right in front of us. This also caused the shade to spin. Normal wind beach days it's fantastic. DISCLAIMER I haven't tried the no wind kit in light and variable conditions because canopies are not permitted on this beach. That may solve the issue! Also customer service is fantastic I got an immediate response.!!