About Us

   As avid beach-goers, we spend countless hours at the beach, swimming, surfing, fishing, and just digging around. 
   Since having children, those relaxing beach days have been replaced with sunblock applications, ensuring that the tide doesn't wash our bags away (or our kids), and that the wind doesn't take our umbrella down. 
   There were too many days at the beach we'd be unable to set up our umbrella because of the wind. The days we did set it up, it would usually get blown out of whack or even hurl itself down the beach towards neighbors... not cool.
With Solbello, our beach time has improved! 
Beach Family

What We Found

  1. Solbello sets up as fast as a regular umbrella, and there's no messy sandbag weight(s) to fill. This means we actually use it more, even just quick trips to the beach.
  2. Once it's up, it stays up and doesn't need to be adjusted as the wind and Sun naturally move about. I can go out surfing for hours and not worry about it falling over.
  3. My wife likes to lounge, I can't sit still, and my kids run in circles. With Solbello, we can comfortably stand, sit, or lay under it and keep an eye on our kids at all times. Before Solbello, our umbrellas needed to be tilted in the wind, blocking our views. 
  4. Considering longevity, function, and price per square foot of shade, Solbello has it all!