Why Solbello?

Wind-broken tents and umbrellas fill our landfills and hospitalize thousands of people every year.

With its patented design to self-adjust in the wind, Solbello is the only wind-driven umbrella and the only shade to fully work with the wind, making your beach days safe and stress free. 

  • Quote From Customer:

"I didn’t think I could enjoy going to the beach more than I already do.” - Bridget

How does it work?

How much wind is needed?

The Solbello Shade is powered by the wind. As little as 3 mph is all that is needed to float the shade effortlessly above you.

What if the wind changes direction?

As the wind shifts direction the shade was designed to self-adjust with the wind! (patented design)

No Wind?

No problem! A No-Wind Kit is included for those rare days that the wind isn't blowing at the beach (takes about 30 seconds). Do not use the No-Wind Kit in wind if the ground conditions don't allow the stakes to be planted securely. Always use your best judgement and use at your own risk.

Can it be Too Windy?

We've tested Solbello in winds exceeding 40 MPH, which is considered a tropical storm.

Is it Noisy?

Working directly with our fabric mill, we are proud to have devised a process to ensure the fabric is very quiet.  

  • Quote From Customer:

"Super easy/fast to set up and adjust as the wind and sun angle changes. Have used it both with and without the ground tethers, based on varying wind conditions. One day the wind was probably 20+ mph and the shade worked great." - Charles


What's the Level of UV Protection?

Solbello's canopy has been treated to provide 50+ UPF Sun protection, meaning it blocks at least 98% of harmful UV rays.

How Many People will it Accommodate?

Solbello provides 64 square feet of shade. This is ideal for two or three.

  • Quote From Customer:

"I have experience with all the competitors and the Solbello is BY FAR the best one. Super easy to carry, throws a big enough shade area for three people with beach luggage or four people that know each other well.” - George

Where to Use

Is Solbello Only for Beaches?

Beaches offer open space air flow combined with natural sea breezes to make our product work right. Flat-wide-open beaches are ideal.

Using the No-Wind Kit, anywhere with penetrable ground has potential.

Is Solbello Allowed on Every Beach?

To our knowledge, Solbello is allowed on every beach in the United States except Horry County, SC (including Myrtle Beach), & Rehoboth Beach, DE.

  • Quote From Customer:

"Best shade on the beach” - Erin

Manual, Specs, and Care Instructions

Sea Breeze

Wind generally stops as the sun sets and picks back up when the sun rises. During beach days (11am - 4pm), almost all beaches get a sufficient (3mph+) and consistent breeze more than 90% of the time.

Questions are always welcome

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